What? In those shoes?

Pink HeelsWho’d have thought a work’s leaving do, a pair of bright pink M&S heels, and a throwaway line from a colleague’s hubby would finally spark me into writing the blog I’ve been meaning to start for ages?

Perhaps I’d better explain. It was as I walked across the car park towards the restaurant that I was spotted. I’d dressed to impress – well skinny jeans, killer heels, pink clutch bag in hand and a dash of make-up thrown on. “Who’s that?” said Viv’s hubby as he dropped her off for the party. “Oh that’s Caroline.” Viv said. “She wants to train to be a vicar.”  To which he replied, “What? In those shoes?!”

When she told me, I laughed so much and said, “Yes! Absolutely! Definitely in these heels!”

Admittedly it’s not quite as simple as “I want to be a vicar.” The thought has been simmering away for years and it just won’t go away. We’ll wait and see what God (and the Anglican church!) make of the idea. But what I do know is that God has placed a deep passion in me to turn our churches inside out to reach people with the liberating news that they are loved just as they are and there is a great big stash of hope to be discovered in Jesus Christ.

Recently, particularly over the last couple of years, I’ve been on my own journey of self-discovery and I’ve found something I’d never realised before – it’s ok to be me! In fact it’s pretty amazing sometimes! And wearing the heels and dressing in the way that I love and being in the world but not of it, is who I really am.

The title of what I end up doing in the future may not turn out to be vicar; it might be evangelist or community worker or something else entirely. But the vision remains the same and I will do it in my heels! Whatever the job description that ends up on my business cards, I will choose to live out who I really am, who God made me to be, and I’ll run with the passions and purpose that burn within me to see other people come to know the God who loves them more than they’ve maybe dared to imagine.

So welcome to “inthoseshoes,” a little bit of an insight into the thinking of the woman in the heels. Now all I have to do is dare to wear my pink shoes to the interviews!



  1. Brilliant! Welcome to blogging world. Great post. Hold on tightly to the fact that God calls you first of all to be YOU and the ‘strap line’ ie vicar/community worker etc is far less important. Love the image of kicking up a stink in killer heels!

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