Glad You Came

 Earth Space

If you ever listen to music on the radio, you probably won’t have been able to avoid the current Number 1 single “Glad You Came.” Our local radio station definitely has it on their playlist, playing it several times a day – it’s a good job I like it! But the first time I heard it there was a particular line that really jumped out at me.

“My universe will never be the same. I’m glad you came. I’m glad you came.”

If you haven’t heard it, you can check it out on Youtube by copying and pasting the following:

I recently enjoyed celebrating my birthday. Let me tell you a secret – no it’s not my age! My daughter has already done a more than effective job of publicising that number, happily announcing it anywhere and everywhere! No I have another slightly sad, secret birthday tradition – I like to get as many cards as I have years to celebrate. This obviously becomes more of a challenge with every passing year! I was ten short this year – a shockingly bad result – so in an attempt to placate my need to achieve this senseless aim, I decided that posts on my Facebook wall from people who had not sent me a card could be included in the count. Using that system, I should be above target until I am about 53 years old!

Amidst the pointless counting, I realised there were plenty of people there who I was really glad had come into my life. I know I am privileged to enjoy so many quality relationships with so many amazing people.

I am utterly convinced that some of those people came into my life for a particular reason.  There are some whose influence on me means I can agree with The Wanted – I know my universe would be very different without them. There are others who just came for a season but I’m still really glad they came.

There’s another reason I like The Wanted’s song.  I know the rest of its lyrics and the accompanying video point to another kind of love but when I’m driving along in my car and the song comes onto the radio, I like to use those few lines of the chorus to remember God’s love.  I like to take the opportunity to remember that in God’s heart, you and I are ‘the wanted’. We were wanted so much that He came.  Since that precious time 2000 years ago, the universe has never been the same. I’m glad He came.



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