A picture of You.

I hate being caught on camera when I’m off-guard. I confess I’d rather have time to make sure my hair looks ok and top up my make-up first. Ok, maybe I am turning into my mother after all! My daughter and I just had a girly treat and had photos of us taken for our home. Be assured I was truly prepared for this one. When we arrived for our time in the photographer’s studio he asked me how I wanted the photos to turn out. I said I wanted something that represented our close mother/daughter relationship but something that also reflected our fun girly times. And of course, the pink shoes had to be involved somewhere along the line! After lots of giggling, running round the studio and fighting over handbags, this was the end result:


 We love it! It’s so ‘us!’

I’ve just started a new course of study and my first piece of homework was to research people’s visual image of God. I’m not sure I have a visual picture of God in my head. I remember my childhood images of Jesus as a man with dark hair and a beard. This idea was probably heavily influenced by my children’s Bible’s illustrations.  I’m afraid I’m quite black and white about it all now– we won’t know the answer until we meet Him so I don’t really think about it.  I guess I major on my relationship with God more than I think about what He looks like. Anyway, I dutifully questioned my friends and they came up with a variety of answers including a Father Christmas type figure and an old man’s face in the clouds. Just as I sat at the table to put the homework together-and decide whether I was more of an evangelical, a charismatic, a catholic or a liberal (but that’s another story) this song came onto the radio. Sums it up I think.


I had a picture of You in my mind.

Never knew it could be so wrong

Why’d it take me so long just to find?

You’re the friend that was there all the time.

You’ll be there when I needed somebody,

You’ll be there the only one to help me.


It’s so Him!




(Picture of You. Watkins/Wilson/Kennedy/Keating. Universal)




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