Somebody Else’s Husband Just Gave Me Flowers!

Somebody else’s husband just gave me flowers! Perhaps I better explain before you start worrying about my behaviour!

My oldest friend came to stay with me this weekend. And by that I mean longest standing friend not the one with the most birthdays! Janet and I have known each other for twenty seven years, a fact about which my daughter is utterly incredulous in a “How old are you?!” kind of way.

We became friends when Janet’s family moved into our street in 1985 and we’ve been through many of life’s ups and downs together. We don’t see each other very much but we’re often on the phone and every so often Janet comes to stay for the weekend.  As we’ve been friends for donkey’s years, when we get together we really can talk the hind legs off that donkey! Janet usually comes on her own but after we realised that I’d only met him twice in five years, Janet’s husband Rich decided to bring her up and have a meal with us before leaving us to our girly chatter.

So when Rich arrived to collect Janet on Sunday lunchtime with a bunch of flowers in his hand, I presumed they were for his beautiful wife who he had missed over the weekend. I thought ‘Oh bless him, how lovely!’ (Closely followed by ‘Does he have a brother?!’) Then I scuttled into the kitchen to tactfully leave them to their reunion. Rich followed me and handed me the flowers.

When I was married, I was sometimes unsure about how to include single people in our lives as a couple. Only this weekend, Janet and I were talking about the awkwardness people sometimes feel when talking to people who have just experienced some kind of loss. We wonder what we should say or do and so sometimes we say and do nothing. I was so pleased that Janet and Rich felt secure enough in their marriage to let him buy me flowers. I don’t know whose idea it was but I feel totally spoilt and very grateful for very good friends.


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