In these shoes?

When I’m at my parents’ house I often flick through their weekend copy of the Daily Telegraph. When I say flick, I mean I scan the Weekend section and flit through the Saturday magazine eying up clothes and interior design for people more affluent than I!

Sometimes I pause to read an article or two. There’s rarely much that takes my interest – the history of Sylvanian Families toys and a behind the scenes look at ITV1’s Take Me Out television show (my latest tele-visual guilty pleasure) being two recent exceptions.

But it was a humbling experience last weekend to stumble across an article with a series of photographs by Shannen Jensen which were first published in the September 2012 edition of Newsweek International.

Shannen went to South Sudan earlier this year, and photographed the shoes of some of the thirty thousand men, women, and children who had walked miles to cross the border from Sudan’s Blue Nile state into South Sudan. This multitude of refugees were fleeing military unrest in their home country.

Of course when confronted with stark images of tattered and worn out, sometimes mismatched shoes, my mind quickly flitted to the title of my blog and I wondered what on earth these suffering people would make of my frivolous comments about my pink heels.

There is nothing to say. I will let the pictures do the talking. Photograph 12 breaks my heart the most. You’ll know why when you read about the owner of those shoes.

 You can find the photographs here.

Forgive me Lord for all that I take for granted.


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