Identity: Prototype Chapter 1

I have begun to read ‘Prototype’ by Jonathan Martin. I think I’ll have to blog about a chapter at a time because I can only describe this book as saturated with the unconditional love of God and I want to savour it!

In chapter one Jonathan describes what he calls ‘boy on the bike’ moments; those moments, usually in childhood, when you are “unencumbered by fear, doubt, or self-consciousness…open and free to the world around you…when you knew the sensation of being fully known and fully delighted in.”

I reflected on those moments in my childhood when my friend Janet and I used to make up dances around her garden swing. ‘Cherish’ by Madonna was our favourite song. We’d probably recorded it onto cassette tape from the radio. Remember that? Press ‘play’ and ‘record’ together? The swing became the stage of a dance show with the crowds cheering on. We laid on our tummies on the side cross bars and twirled over onto the floor. I remember the sensation of turning over and over again like that very clearly; the joy of twirling round and round.

My perception of what it is to be “fully known and delighted in” by a man who really loves me has changed recently and my perception of what it is to be fully loved by God has changed too. The two are probably inextricably linked.

I suppose the best way to describe what’s happened over these last few months is that I’ve stopped living like a servant in the palace and started to believe I’m a daughter of the King.

I’d been a servant for so long. I had some kind of relationship with God. I knew that theology alone didn’t satisfy. I couldn’t write because I was too busy running myself into the ground with work of all kinds, trying to be the best and seeking God’s and other people’s affirmation for what I did. I didn’t write about my inner thoughts as much as I do now because I was afraid of people’s reactions. As Jonathan puts it, I had “so much to do and so much to be afraid of.” I knew in my head that nothing I could do would make God love me more but somehow or other I didn’t really believe it; I thought I did, but the way I was living my life told another story.

By January this year I was at the end of my tether with my religious habits: reading the Bible, praying every day, trying to work out the ‘right’ way to do anything and everything in my life, desperate to be ‘used by God’. And then I got so ill I couldn’t do any of it anymore. That’s when the real journey to being daughter began.

Ever since I stopped those things that I thought would bring me nearer to God, I’ve never felt closer to him! It’s like those behaviours were the floodgates that once taken away would allow God’s love to come rushing in. Now, I’m more fully persuaded that God delights in me, his daughter.

This is me and my daughter messing about in our PJs.


I love her so much I could burst sometimes. She doesn’t have to do anything for me to feel like that. She could mess up every test at school, be as rude to me as I don’t know what and I’d still feel that surge of mother love for her. And when do I most delight in her? When she’s expressing her individuality. She’s gone to school today with pink bobbles nail varnished onto the nails of her left hand and a moustache drawn in black ink on the back of her right hand. She adores Nicki Minaj’s music(??!!) and I love it when she raps along to ‘Superbass’ with ten year old attitude. She’s obsessed with Taylor Swift and I came home the other day to find she’d drawn a heart on one cheek, and T.S. on the other cheek, (in my mascara!) I love her for making four attempts to get the ‘S’ the right way round in the mirror.

I delight in Hannah and God delights in me. I’m God’s Daughter, just as I am. I don’t have to be ‘good’ at everything or anything. I don’t have to be my idea of super mum/church worker/wife. As I heard Jonathan say in his podcast about this chapter, “It starts with identity not modifying behaviour.” God requires nothing more of me than to be myself and enjoy being who I am. I don’t want to be ‘used’ by God now. I just want to enjoy being loved by him.

And this? This too looks like freedom.

If you want to understand this post more fully, go to and read chapter one of Jonathan’s book for free right now. If you’d like to hear more from Jonathan Martin, check out his podcasts at

If you want to read a beautiful article about not needing to be ‘good’ go to



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