Prototype: Chapter 1 Part 2 – Gentleness

music machine

The other day I woke up with a song in my head that I haven’t thought about for years. ‘Gentleness’ was part of the musical, ‘Music Machine’ that I took part in when I was at Primary school. I must have been about nine or ten years old at the time; a similar age to when I was dancing to Madonna songs around Janet’s garden swing.

If I remember correctly (which I may not!) it was some kind of joint project between St Mary’s Church, Old Harlow and the attached C of E School Churchgate St Primary. I remember looking up in awe as an older girl, Annie, sang ‘Gentleness’ as a solo. When you’re nine or ten the older girls are really cool and you want to be them or at least be like them. And I remember how soothing I found the song. I remember how at peace I felt as Annie sang,

“Gentle breeze, gentle breeze blowing through the trees,
And the meadow filled with flowers
Showing me Your gentleness
How I love You

In the still of the night when you draw me near
Just to whisper how you care
Showing me Your gentleness
How I love You

Written by Georgian Banov & Winnie Banov ©Copyright 1977 Sparrow Song

I used to look forward to that song every time we rehearsed or performed it. Now I think I’d call those ‘boy on the bike’ moments for me. Somehow they gave me overwhelming feelings of peace, love and affirmation

The song means even more now. I’ve really known God’s gentleness these last few months. In this time of exhaustion and depression I’ve perhaps been more aware than ever before of him whispering how He cares. I know He always has done; but now I really believe it.

So thank you Churchgate school teachers and St Mary’s people of 1986 or 1987. The little things you give to children matter and they stay with us into adulthood. And God uses them to whisper His love to us again years later.

If you would like to listen to ‘Gentleness’ you can find it here:


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  1. I am so sad because this video has been pulled from YOUTUBE I cannot understand why. I just listened to it there a few months ago. It was my favorite too and I remember being little and loving this soundtrack so much. Thank you for sharing the lyrics I will just have to sing it to myself…. 🙂

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