Lleyn – Good Friday Evening 2014


The daffodils bow their heads;

Perhaps to pray, perhaps to sleep, perhaps to die;

Their time for now coming to a coda;

Performance over for another year.


The birds sing their evening song,

The sun’s shape cannot be seen,

But still its light carries on

Enough to see, to write, to dream, to think, to ponder.


Our time here is nearly done,

Like the daffodils; just for a season.

We will return here in body, in mind, in spirit;

To this our sacred place.


Teach me to dream for a new season

And yet remain

In the contentment of this moment.


That I too like the Sun and the Son

May move with the seasons.

And like the daffodils may shout,

“God is amazing!”

Again and again and again.


Images Copyright Hannah Thompson

Words Copyright Caroline Middleton


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